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‘Working with you to transform the living elements of your outdoor space.’ We pride ourselves on being a small local company, capable of delivering estate quality detail in our work at an affordable price. With years of landscape and organic farming experience, we now perform all aspects of landscape and hardscape maintenance and renovation.

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Our journey begins with a microbiologist at the University of Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan over 25 years ago. In an attempt to promote beneficial changes in agriculture and human health, Dr. Teruo Higa developed what was to be known as the Effective Microorganism or EM-1. EM-1 was considered a safe and efficient way to ‘promote life’ in the sense of plant health, probiotics, waste decomposition, and much more. In our travels to the Big Island of Hawaii, we had the great opportunity to learn about this microorganism, as well as its application through an anaerobic fermentation process. We have harnessed the creation of Bokashi and now plan to make it a part of organic gardening and agriculture in our hometown. Bokashi is a Japanese word meaning ‘fermented organic matter‘; and with the help of C.A. Baber, founder of Island Herbs Hawaii (www.IslandHerbsHawaii.com), we have brought Bokashi back to the mainland in order to promote soil and plant health, as well as a variety of other things.

Benefits of EM-1

  • Decrease dependence on synthetically derived fertilizers and pesticides
  • Minimize input costs of fertilizer by actually restructuring the microbiology of your soil
  • Increase soil nutritive content without dangerous poisons
  • Re-establish balanced soil ecology
  • A healthy soil ecology protects plants from diseases and parasites, which leads to the use of toxic sprays and poisons
  • These toxic chemical herbicides and pesticides have severe consequences regarding many things including: groundwater, bird life, aquatic life, pets, children and even YOU
  • Look around at the amount of poisons you can find in your neighborhood
  • Modern chemical applications leave your soil lacking these balances and in need of constant re-application
  • Soil is NOT an inert material! Microorganisms are precisely what differentiates living soil from a dead soil


We can do just about anything to meet your landscaping needs. Setting a goal, growing together, working with you to transform the living elements of your outdoor space.


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